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Sunday, April 29, 2007


1.Its a blog offering quality day trading tips for Select Indian Stocks to include Reliance,ACC,Tata steel,SBI,ONGC and Infosys.

2.The blog provides correct entry,exit level with likely targets.

3.Overall a good blog with valueable tips for above mentioned stocks and individuals desirous of earning in day trading must check out this blog as selected stocks provide at least a swing of 15-20 RS every day and thus gives a chance for a day tarder to earn substantially.


1.Its a service providing templates for making new blogs.

2.The interface looked attractive.

3.Drawback:It has a free trial for the blog for 30 days after which payment as per selected plan has to be made in order to continue with the blog.

4.So free users find other free blogging services.


1.It is a site offering bloggers a platform to start their new blogs free of any cost any obligation.

2.The site has a user friendly interface and can be easily understood by a layman to start a blog.

3.The site has a inbuilt link for Adsense.

4.The site has added a new feature where news and video about any particular selected word or number of words is displayed and this service is powered by Google.

5.The site takes a little longer time to open in slow speed internet connection scenario.

6.Overall I liked it for its easy and friendly interface for setting up a blog.

Sunday, April 22, 2007


1.The site provides daily free tip along with market analysis.

2.The site provides paid day trading tips through Sms.

3.The site has a good reputation of providing quality tips.

4.The site can be visited at following link:

Saturday, April 21, 2007


1.The site gives a free news letter which contains updated Indian stock market commentary.

2.The site gives 10 strong and 10 weak futures for traders interested in futures in order to enable individuals take benefit of trend.

3.The site is updated daily as per market schedule.

4.The intraday trend of market is given free during 1st and 3rd week.

5.The paid services are also available.

6.Visit site at CRNINDIA.COM


1.The blog GOOD-HEALTH-BEAUTY-SEX-TIPS.BLOGSPOT.COMis a blog offering quality tips for maintaning beauty,good health and of course health tips.

2.I am mesmerised by the quality of material stored for all ladies and men.

3.The presentation of site is just eye catching.

4.Visit blog by clicking at following link

Friday, April 20, 2007


1.The blog is a plethora of information on Mesothelioma and a lot of research has been undertaken on the said subject.

2.The blog is a one stop for complete information on mesothelioma,asbestos and attorney claims.

3.The complete procedure for filing the claims is given and disease mesothelioma has been explained from a layman's point of view.

4.Visit the blog by clicking at following link:

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


1.The blog is a universal blog regarding laptop and computers catering to all the brands available worldwide.

2.The site is a must visit for every laptop and computers user as their is a tip for all laptop and computers users world wide to include numerous tips for maintaining highest state of health of laptop and computers through installation of antivirus,spywares and registry repairer and innumerous softwares.

3.The site offers pros and cons for buying particular brand of laptop and computers and offer innumerous tips for providing the laptop and computers with user friendly interface.

4.Visit this blog by clicking at following link:


1.This site is universal regarding mobile phone users.

2.The site gives numerous locking and unlocking codes for mobiles.

3.Pros and cons of owning a particular company mobile is given in detail.

4.Various maintenance and user friendly tips are given for the owners of mobiles for all make.

5.A must visit mobile blog for all mobile users.

6.The blog can be visited by clicking on link as given below


1.The site is well crafted and provides tips for day traders and caters to Indian stock market only.

2.The site has beautiful charts depicting Movement of Sensex and Nifty.

3.The reommendations for day trading are based on technical analysis.

4.The site provides day trading tips @ Rs 3000/- per month through Yahoo messenger or SMS service.

Monday, April 16, 2007


1.The content of the site is targetted towards Indian Public looking for good quality free tips about the health of Indian Stock market and to include free delivery and day trading tips.

2.I personally follow the site and I have made regular profit from the site.

3.The Indian people interested in following the stock market must make it as a habit to check out this blog which is updated daily.

4.The site can be viewed by clicking the underneath link:

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


1.The site is providing unbiased reporting about the Indian stock market and I have personally followed the recommendations and found them effective.

2.The site is providing free tips for indian stock market based on technical analysis and are provided after thorough analysis.

3.The site can be visited at following link

Monday, April 9, 2007


1.The best blog which must be visited by any individual planning to buy or sell a house,flat and bungalow.

2.Blog written in a plain and lucid language.

3.I am impressed with the content as it brings out pros and cons of all aspects of owning a house,flat and bungalow.

4.The site owner can be contacted at

5.The site can be visited at following link


1.The blog provides updated information about AIDS/HIV and covers all the aspects regarding AIDS from its genesis to research and medicines available for the treatment of the disease.

2.The draw back can be in terms of a long blog name.

3.The site is a one stop guide for individuals seeking information on AIDS.

4.The owner of the site is a doctor and can be contacted at

5.The site can be visited at following link


1.The aim of this blog is to provide unbiased reporting about good blogs and sites available in this jungle of information through internet.

2.We assure you of unbiased reporting to enable this blog become a hallmark for site/blog quality.