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Tuesday, May 8, 2007


1.This is a site managed by CNBC,TV 18 venture and thus this is a big budget financial site for Indians.

2.The site has a discussion group created exclusively for each stock listed in India.

3.The site provides brokerage houses reports,updates from analysts along with updated quotes of the stocks.

4.The site has managed to use every available inch of the open space available on the home page.

5.Overall a good site with plethora of information.

6.The site is a must visit for all Indian investors to interact with like minded personnel.

7.The draw back of this site is that since it has large client base and thus any false information floated by vested interests along with site concurrence can deal a blow to retail investor.

8.So follow advice with a pinch of salt and use your discretion.

9.The site can be visited at

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