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Saturday, September 22, 2007


1. I like my hair a lot and thus take a great care for it. I consider my hairs as my spokesperson which speaks to the world on my behalf and project me at my best to the world.

2. Off late, I have been mentally disturbed due to the rate at which my hairs had started falling and when I consulted my doctor, he advised me to take care for my diet and also include some hair loss product from a reputed company.

3. I searched for the hair loss products on the net and found that the products from trustsource are the most crazed about individuals interested in getting their hairs back like original.

4. I, in particular liked provillus and procerin which has been rated highly by the users. However I did not accept the online rating and managed to get the contact number of a person who was using the said products.

5. I contacted the user of these products and he told that he was satisfied with the results produced by provillus and procerin but also advised me to consult my doctor regarding choosing the product or read the general instructions for the product on the site itself.

6. I, in particular liked the information for keeping the hair in great shape and benefited by using the products.

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