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Monday, December 24, 2007

Charity:Boat Donations

1. Is money everything? Yes, if it is not every thing than it is some thing as at least one can use it to help the humanity as those who want to help the humanity uses all their imagination to raise the money and one of the innovative techniques to raise money is the concept of Boat Donations as the charity organization sells the boats on Ebay to raise the requisite cash to fund its humanity related activities.

2. It has to its credit a remarkable documentary featuring anti drug use and has a star cast in form of skateboard legends Jay Adams from Dogtown's Z Boys, Christian Hosoi, Dennis Martinez (world champion), Bruce Logan (world skateboarding champion) who are telling the world ills caused to them courtesy the use of drugs and it was the sole reason for the fall of their crown. However one can always fight back to show the indomitable fighting spirit and the same is adequately pictured and the message is well received. If you want to see the documentary one can order for their Free DVDs for the same without any obligation as one even need not pay for the shipping charges.

3. The organization is doing a yeoman service and on our part we can propagate the message of Charity Boat Donations to get the best for the humanity.

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