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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Remarkable Continuous Data Protection

1. I have been pulling my hairs whenever I erroneously delete a data in office and regret doing the same and same must be the story for all other regular computer users.

2. My wife introduced me to this fantastic service for continuous data protection which has been successfully implemented in her multinational organization and advised me to use the same as it enables one to continuously back up any files from one's computer.

3. I in particular liked the feature where I could synchronize my computer at home with the computer available at office and also was available to assess any files from any computer having internet connection and thus it was like having a remote access to desktop as changes made by me were auto saved in other computers.

4. I thanked my wife for introducing me to facility of file synchronization as now I was able to synchronise files,folders and delete on multiple PCs simultaneously and was also able to protect it all with CDP backup to my own secure Personal Digital Archive™.

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